Information in English : 4th EFE Metz Festival


UPDATE 26 FEBRUARY: Room prices of our new partner hotel Cécil ‘Hotel (3 stars) have been added towards the end of this article!

Above, the famous cathedral of the city of Metz.

Here are the information about the 4th International Festival of EFE Metz which will take place from Wednesday (25th) to Sunday (29th) July 2018 :

The venue and the format : The festival will take place at the large sports complex Saint-Symphorien, in Longeville-Les-Metz. The tournament will consist of a series of closed tournaments of 10 players divided into groups based on level (FIDE international rating will be taken into account).
At least 140 players from a dozen countries are expected.

9 rounds are therefore scheduled in 5 days, at the time control of 1h30 + 30 seconds per move for the whole game. All tournaments will be FIDE Rating sanctioned.

Group A will be a women’s tournament for WIM norm by invitation.

Group B will be a men’s tournament for IM norm by invitation.

These two tournaments will take place from July 23rd to 29th, but all the other groups will take place from the 25th to the 29th and will be completed by rating order according to the registrations.

Prices: Group prices (excluding group A and B) will be 150 euros for the 1st of each group, 100 euros for the 2nd, 50 euros for the 3rd and a lot (books / DVD on chess) for the 4th, as well as special prices ( for clubs/age/performances).

Tie-breaks: To fight against the injustices of the sometimes questionable tie-breaks calculated by the computer, the EFE Metz chess Festival favours the battle on the chessboard! Thus, the 1st place of each group will be determined during the tie-breaks of Sunday July 29th at 16.00. If some players are tied for the 1st place at the end of the tournament, they will play 2 blitz to win in their group. In case of a tie after the 2 blitz go / return, a decisive Armageddon blitz will take place.

How to register ? : The registration fee is 50 euros for an adult and 25 euros for those less than 20 years old.

Registration is by phone call to Alexis Cahen (on 07 86 72 44 25) or by e-mail at: or Philippe Nolot (on 06 66 38 46 20) or at:
Payment by check must be sent in advance to Laurent Kuhlemeier at 28 Rue du Général Decaen, 57070 Metz to the order “EFE Metz”. You can also pay by money transfer, please contact us for the bank details.

How to eat and sleep in Metz ? : A refreshment bar will be set up with drinks/sandwiches/salads/snacks

For accomodation, our new partner, the Cécil ‘Hotel (3 stars) ( offers you preferential advantageous prices.  Here is the price list negotiated with the hotel manager for the period from 25 to 29 July for any reservation by phone requesting the reduction “4th EFE Metz Chess Festival”:

If you come to Metz with 3 perons, you only pay 25 euros per night and per person including breakfast or 20 euros without breakfast!

The schedules:

Wednesday 25:
– Before 9:30 am: Mandatory check in hand in of deposit checks (please prepare in advance 100 euros made to “EFE Metz”)
– Around 10 am: Opening Ceremony and Round 1
– At 4 pm: Round 2

Thursday 26- Friday 27 – Saturday 28: 2 rounds per day at 10 am and 4 pm

Sunday 29:
– Round 9 at 10am.
– Around 4 pm: Blitz of tiebreaks for the 1st place of each tournament
– At 5 pm: Closing and award ceremony followed by a cocktail

Each player must hand in a deposit check of 100 euros, which will be returned at the end of the tournament or cashed in case of unjustified resignation from the tournament.

For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us by mail at or by phone at 07 86 72 44 25!